the world is your studio
the world is your studio
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The Ninth Lab is basically our creative clubhouse; a place where we work, create, host and share.

It is a creative collective of DJs, photographers, film makers / designers, chefs, artists and philanthropists. And the studio houses a podcast/recording studio, a production room, a makeup room, a photography/videography bay, and a bar with craft beer on tap (for after work of course). 

We have delegated one room for those who are looking for a safe and quiet location to work from. We realize with everything going on (Covid-19), working from home isn't ideal or possible for some. So we have 3 available desks for rent. All safety precautions have been put in place to keep everyone sick (spacing, cleaning, individual fridges, individual bathrooms, etc.)

If you're interested in renting or checking out the space, hit us up through our contact form!